Photo of superintendent Bruce Houck, a male with glasses and a mustache

 I can hardly believe that we are already halfway through the 2021-2022 academic year. The holiday season will be here in just a few weeks. Our goal is to continue providing exceptional teaching and learning for all students.

Each day, the staff have been bringing a positive attitude to work, ensuring our students begin the day in good spirits. As I listen to the teachers and staff. I am continually inspired and encouraged by what is happening at each of our schools.

There is no doubt in my mind that our students are engaged and excited to be in class in person. Our faculty and staff are thrilled to be at school every day and are dedicating their passion and energy to serving our students! Please join me in thanking all of them!

Please send a special thank you note to a teacher, bus driver, cafeteria worker, administrator, or any staff member whose efforts have positively impacted your family.

We must remember that the pandemic is not over. Wash your hands frequently and be sure to keep your children home if they appear ill. As a reminder, all the school sites in Chatham offer voluntary COVID-19 tests for the children and staff.  It is our top priority to keep the students and staff safe.