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AP Courses Through the National Math & Science Initiative



NMSI’s Rural Access CRP provides students attending rural high schools the opportunity to take and be successful in online AP courses.Of the students who completed Rural Access CRP in the 2019-2020 school year, 61% earned a qualifying score, with 91% earning a 2 or higher.Rural Access CRP receives funding from the Department of Education to support student cohorts through the 2022 23 school year.


Feeling confident in acing your AP class online is possible and we’ve partnered with VHS Learning to give you a full-fledged support system including a dedicated coach and exclusive AP study resources. NMSI’s expert coaches work in tandem with your VHS Learning course, where you’ll receive additional academic guidance and exam preparation at no extra cost. Your NMSI coach is available virtually through one-on-one and small group support throughout the life of the course and we send you a reliable laptop so you’re only a login away from completing your class.

Additionally, Chatham makes sure that students take courses together whenever possible, so that they are part of a student learning cohort and study buddy. Chatham also finds you a local coach, who is ideally an adult in your community who is there for support.

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AP Courses Through NMSI

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