Curricular Allotments

Our Curricular Allotments have Increased!

Alaskan residents may enroll free of charge. Once your student is enrolled, your family receives a curricular allotment .  You have the freedom to decide how best to use your funds to fulfill your child's educational needs.

Full-time homeschool students receive the following allotments:

Kindergarten through 3rd grade students receive $2,400

4th through 8th grade students receive $2,600

High school students (9-12) receive $2,800

Allotments are used for academic supplies and services related to the students' homeschool coursework. This includes (but is not limited to): textbooks, online programs and courses, home internet services, technology such as a laptop or tablet, materials for extracurriculars, music or PE classes, and much much more.

Alongside allotments, we offer many additional supports and programs. For example, students may participate in Battle of the Books, Raz Kids, and more. We work hard to meet each students' individual needs. High school students have many additional opportunities including Alaska-specific courses and AP courses free of charge.