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A Message From the Director of Distance Learning

Why Chatham Distance Learning?

Unlike any other district in the state, Chatham Distance offers two distinct programs: Chatham Correspondence and Chatham Virtual School.

Our correspondence homeschool program provides K-12 Alaskan students with a generous curricular allotment and the support and guidance parents need to teach.

Our virtual school is the only one like it in Alaska. It is ideal for students without a parent or guardian who can take on the teaching role--whether because the student is beyond the parents' abilities or the parent does not have time to take on teaching full-time. These dynamic online classes include a certified teacher. We offer place-based, Alaska-specific classes, as well as courses with cohorts all over the world. Learn more about why this might be a better fit for your student than brick and mortar school or traditional homeschool.

Students may also choose to mix and match, taking some homeschool and some virtual school classes. We are a public school, and all Alaskan students attend free of charge, with the flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home. We would love to chat more with you about options; please contact us so we may help create the education plan that fits your student just right.

Rick Petersen
Director of Distance Learning